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(Or Vicky, or Cornman)

- 2019-2020 UAL Foundation in Arts, Graphic Design Specialism

- 2020-2023 Central Saint Martins BA Performance: Design and Practice

- 2023-2024 Goldsmiths MA Games and Playful Design

- Whatever, blah blah blah...

Vicky is a self-proclaimed funny girl, and she likes exploring performative identities through graphics and playing. She’s most interested and curious about comedic theatrical performances and silly games that speaks for the awkward nature of fresh adults with a variation in its mediums. She thinks it’s really weird that she’s writing her own statement in third person.

3D Models by Cornman


The Aftermath. 

Immersive Theatre/Site-specific project by BA PDP
Click here to see full story︎︎︎


The Documentary of the Legendary Furby:
A Tribute to All My Foster Cats

<Full film here